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Uneasy engagement

Our dependence on this wired world is indulgent. We embrace its illusions of speed and progress with more data than we could ever consume, while clinging to our utility contracts. Switching allegiance to these monopolies is an infrequent occurrence. The physical wires tying us to these services are the city infrastructure we rely on for power and communication. Mostly hidden, in certain parts of New York City they run overground in the streetscape. Utility wires share their allotted space with the street trees that clean our air and help us breath. These pesky wires impede tree growth over decades in a marriage of inconvenience resulting in strangulation. Trimming crews perform seasonal ‘reduction’, enforcing 6’ clearance rules, to prevent entanglements getting out of hand. Squabbling like siblings, ungrateful but codependent, still demanding attention while silent, they perform their own invented ritual, a kind of shadow dance in the sky. Once we look up from our devices we might take notice.